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Domino’s Franchise Insurance in Kenosha and Elm Grove, WI

Domino’s Franchise Insurance in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arizona, Missouri, and Minnesota

Safeguarding Your Investment in Domino’s with Franchise Insurance  

A business producing a desired commodity places focus on quality and innovation. Domino’s franchises showcase these qualities, contributing to the company’s status as a world leader in pizza delivery. 


At A.B. Schmitz Insurance and Financial Planning, we offer a franchisee insurance program specifically designed for Domino’s.  This program is in compliance with corporate requirements, while providing cost-effective protection. 

Coverage Designed for Domino’s Franchises

Each day, franchise owners are exposed to risk.  With our exclusive franchisee insurance program underwritten by Midwest Family Mutual, we specialize in helping you manage risk and protect your business – from your stock, equipment and buildout to the non-owned auto and workers compensation coverage.  We insure many of the largest franchisees and can provide competitively priced liability and non-owned auto limits to $6,000,000 and higher. 


We recommend coverage that exceeds limits set by Domino’s and the states served. Our clients often discover the slight premium increases are worth the added security. 

Essential Coverages for your Business

In the event an employee’s personal vehicle is used for business purposes, non-owned auto coverage protects your business from work related non-owned auto claims. This is a common coverage required of all Dominos franchisees. 


Workers compensation is a state mandated coverage to cover your employees’ work related injuries.  If you have employees, you have to have it.  We can help minimize your costs while providing information on programs you can use to provide a safer work environment. 


For covered losses, property insurance protects your assets, profits, and cash flow while general liability coverage provides protection from third party claims. 


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Trustworthy, Accountable Service 

We do not charge for MVR’s on current and prospective drivers.  We keep track of all documentation in your file and automatically update certificate when required.  Your dedicated service  team is available to discuss insurance coverages, provide the best priced, customized program available  in the industry.   While we are happy to communicate 


Don’t jeopardize your partnership with Domino’s by failing to have proper insurance in place. Let us share our expertise and protect your investment for the long term. If you’re ready to get started, feel free to request a quote

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At A.B. Schmitz Insurance and Financial Planning, we’re proud to provide Domino’s Franchise Insurance in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arizona, Missouri, and Minnesota. 

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Another company quoted a significantly lower premium, but I stayed with A.B. Schmitz agency because of our relationship with our agent, Jim Spencer.
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